Large Houseplants That Make a Major Statement in Your Home at The Crescent at Fells Point by Windsor

July 27, 2016 | windsor

Adding houseplants to your home adds a pop of green color and a feeling of freshness, but they can also make a decorative statement. Instead of the usual small ferns and succulents, try adding these large-scale houseplants to a bare room in your home at The Crescent at Fells Point.

  1. Dracaenas. This inexpensive plant comes in many sizes, but its cane form is the largest and most impactful. It features long, curved leaves that extend all the way up the length of the cane, creating a lush look that’s perfect for bare corners of a room.
  2. Palms. If you prefer a tropical look, palm plants are a great choice. These come in a variety of styles, though if you’re worried about how it will hold up, purchasing a higher quality palm is recommended.
  3. Fiddle Leaf Fig. For renters with lots of sunlight, the fiddle leaf fig tree works well in many spaces. This type of tree contains large, green leaves that grow tall and wide to fill those empty spaces.
  4. Norfolk Pine. If you love the smell of pine trees during the holiday season, you can have that in your home all year round with a Norfolk pine. This needle-covered tree grows well in bright or indirect sunlight, and it can even grow to be up to 20 feet tall!

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