10th Anniversary of Earth Hour


Celebrating the 10th anniversary of Earth Hour!  In 2007, Earth Hour began as a single-city initiative in Sydney, Australia, and has since grown into a global movement with millions of people from more than 5,000 cities and towns in 135 countries/territories across every continent switching off their lights to make history as the world’s greatest […]

Stock The Pantry


Help the Crescent support the We Care Center in Baltimore. They will be hosting Thanksgiving dinner to several local Baltimore residents in need. We have a donation box available in the Crescent Lobby area.

Don’t Forget to Fall Back Tomorrow!


Clocks Back or Forward? “Spring forward, fall back” is one of the little sayings to help remember which way to set your watch. You set your clock forward in the spring when DST starts (= lose one hour), and back one hour when DST ends in the fall (= regain one hour). Clocks "fall back" […]

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